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The Discourse is where journalists and members meet to contribute to more accurate, diverse and trustworthy stories about issues that matter. Our community is creating a new kind of journalism to spark real conversation and help us grapple with today’s complex problems and polarized politics.

These 10 principles describe our journalists' commitment to our members.


"We desperately need outlets like The Discourse. If Canadians want good journalism, they’re going to have to pay for it."

- David Suzuki


Journalism with impact

Violence against women in Canada: We have national data, and we’re sharing it

Emma Jones | January 10, 2018

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The Discourse is impacting


"The Discourse allowed Maclean’s to pursue a project we could never have completed on our own. Their work was extraordinary."

- Nancy Macdonald, former associate editor, Maclean’s (now Globe and Mail)


Saskatchewan police are now subject to freedom of information laws, after a Discourse investigation revealed how police were using legal loopholes to avoid responding to data requests about racial profiling of Indigenous people.


"The Discourse unlocked a super thirsty part of my brain."

- Diana Oproescu, emerging journalist and former youth in foster care